Calvert Vaux

Frederick Law Olmsted

August Belmont

Andrew Green

Robert Moses

Thomas P.F. Hoving

Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

All text from:
The Park and the People

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Hoving came from a wealthy family: his father was the chairman of Tiffany's and his mother was the daughter of a wealthy real estate broker. He was a Republican on the liberal side of their party. A Princeton man, he was just thirty-four years old when he moved from his office at the Cloisters to the Central Park Arsenal. He chose aides even younger than himself, including Henry Stern (a future park commissioner) as executive director. Hailing a "New Era for Parks," the Times's architecture critic, Ada Louise Huxtable, proclaimed that the "Young Turks have taken over the Arsenal." [Ch1752] Although Hoving was in office for barely a year before moving on to direct the Metropolitan Museum, the impact of his regime was at least as dramatic as Moses' own extraordinary first year in office.